Interactive Bike Map

In 2017, CTDOT and the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update Steering Committee, developed a draft bicycle planning network for bicycle travel on state roads in Connecticut. This network is based upon desired connections rather than the limited facilities that exist. Click to view a map of the bicycle planning network.

The statewide bicycle network will serve to ultimately guide future investment in bicycle planning. As such, some routes are identified with the understanding that additional facilities or improvements will be necessary before the route may be considered safe and comfortable for bicyclists. Connecticut does not have the resources to provide the most desirable level of bicycle and pedestrian improvements on the entire 970-mile bicycle planning network, which is about 1/3 of the total non-limited access highway network. Thus, a more detailed analysis of the network identified priority tiers to best target safety in the near-term within available and potential resources. Click to view a map of the priority tiers. Click to view a PDF table of the priority tier classifications and criteria.

The interactive bike map serves to assist roadway planners and designers. It includes the bicycle planning network and priority tiers described above, as well as impassible areas and steep grades. Click to explore the interactive bike map.